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Decentralized Market Places With Adam Jackson from Braintrust

Episode Summary

In this episode, serial technology entrepreneur & investor, co-founder of Braintrust and Doctor on Demand, Adam Jackson, and host Jack O’Holleran talk about the future of work and how decentralization could change the way we interact with companies. They discuss the best practices for creating network effects and the importance of setting up the right tokenomics to align incentives among all the actors in the network.

Episode Notes

About Adam Jackson: 

Adam is a serial technology entrepreneur and investor that has spent his career creating and deploying capital into software systems that make complex tasks simple and intuitive. He's started 4 VC-backed companies and an asset management company over the last 16 years.

In August, 2017 he co-founded Cambrian Asset Management, a blockchain asset management company. He is also co-founder and CEO of Freelance Labs, Inc., the company building a new tokenized talent network called Braintrust which raised a $5m seed round in 2018.

In 2012, he co-founded and served as CEO of Doctor On Demand, a healthcare service that provides Video Visits with board-certified physicians and psychologists. Doctor On Demand delivers services through employers, health systems, health plans, and directly to consumers and has raised $165M in VC.

His previous business, DriverSide was founded in 2007 and was acquired by Advance Auto Parts in September of 2011. His first venture-backed business, MarketSquare, founded in 2004, was the first online local shopping destinations on the Internet. It was acquired by Intuit in September of 2006.

He is an angel investor in 45+ companies/projects, including: Bolt, Placer, Aktana, Skale Labs, Protocol Labs, JCTurbo, Apero Health, Rapportive, MyTime, Automatic, Womply, Superhuman and Zenefits. 

Follow Adam on Twitter @adamjacksonsf

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